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    Your Personality Type is reflected in everything we do. Attending this event can enhance your ability to "Flex" to others


    This unique event is for Leaders and Teams who are already knowledgable on MBTI and want a more advanced, interactive event as part of an Away Day or Team event.


    Leaders, Managers and teams want more from their investment in psychometrics like MBTI. We wanted clients to get more value and to answer the question "So what do I do now I know my MBTI Type?"


    The "Personality of Wine" product is a 2-3 hour session which can be added to any team event you have planned. Typically Clients enjoy it before dinner or late afternoon.


    The event works well added onto a leadership development event or top talent programme to build knowledge of type and apply Advanced MBTI techniques i.e. how to apply Type to customer selling, communication, creativity and self-awareness.

    Our events can be tailored to your budget and we also cater for non-drinkers.

    Our Approach

    We help you plan your Team Development event to combine self-awareness and fun! The "MBTI & Wine tasting" is presented by our expert facilitators who run the event for teams who have already had feedback on their Personality Type. (Please contact us if you would like us to complete MBTI feedbacks prior to the wine event).


    IBMs Top Talent programme works quarterly with the top performers in the Global Business Solutions teams. The development events are tightly themed around business challenges, networking and learning. The events are sponsored from within IBM in the form of Execs and Partners who bring and share their experience.

    Such a high profile commitment from within IBM requires high quality learning. IBM had been using the MBTI successfully as part of the programme for a number of years but had yet to find a way of making it stick for people.