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  • "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching" - Live happy.

    "Learning never exhausts the mind" Leonardo Da Vinci

    "Knowledge comes from learning, wisdom comes from letting go of what you think you know" - Nepalese Monk

    "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn" - Phil Collins

    "Change is the end result of all true learning" - Leo Buscaglia


    Our innovative workshop titles are all based around the challenges leaders face today and into the future, they are designed for current leaders in all organisations who all go through similar difficulties regardless of the sector or industry they are in.


    Our clients are across the globe and need a partner to deliver high quality workshops to a consistent standard of excellence. We deliver workshops internationally and are experienced in delivering workshops in a variety of different cultures including India, South America and Scandinavia.


    Each workshop has been designed by experts and presented in a memorable way to ensure that learning is relevant to the workplace, practical in application, realistic to the learner and a fun experience.

    Our Approach

    We share what we know about change and all our workshops are delivered by experts in the field. Our innovative workshop titles are all based around the challenges leaders face today and into the future. They are designed for change leaders in all organisations who all go through similar difficulties regardless of the industry they are in.

    Our workshops are highly interactive and we tailor them for "in-house" audiences. Senior business teams, leaders, coaches, change managers have all benefitted from our workshops and seminars to compliment their personal development programmes and they are designed to fit in with their hectic work schedules.

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    1. Leading Tomorrow - 1 day

    This workshop explores the styles of each delegate’s leadership of change and helps individuals identify how their style can impact those around them. We also concentrate on the 5 principles and responsibilities of being a true leader and investigate how to lead the millennial employee - perhaps the biggest challenge for the future!

    2. Team Building - 1 day

    This workshop helps individuals understand the people within their teams, it looks at how to build an effective change team and how to build trust between the leader and the team. We define the life of a team and how to handle some difficult situations you my encounter during change.

    3. Coaching Skills - 2 day

    This workshop looks at how to improve your ability to coach others using a structured approach. We will examine motivational feedback techniques, listening & questioning skills and highlight the importance of how great coaching can lead to an engaged individual.

    4. Being Resilient - 1 day

    This workshop looks at how to manage time. It helps you to manage yourself and others delegation and empowerment to improve your personal time management. Touching on dealing with ambiguity we will also look at stress and how to alleviate it through improving your assertiveness when dealing with others.

    5. Motivating Others - 1 day

    This workshop has two key aspects around motivation, firstly what motivates you as a manager and also what can you do to motivate those that work for you. It also explores self-motivation and helps a positive outlook for the future.

    6. Managing Feedback - 1 day

    This workshop is designed to improve the process of the performance management of employees either formally through Appraisal or informally by providing timely feedback. We will also provide ways in managing difficult appraisal conversations and how to tell someone they are not performing effectively.

    7. Communicating Change - 1 day

    This workshop looks at how to improve your communication skills during change. We will explore the need for effective briefings to sustain engagement in the workplace. We will look at the importance of making the most out of meetings and finally determine a realistic approach to improving internal communication across the organisation.

    8. Presenting Change - 2 day

    This workshop looks at how to improve your style of presenting difficult change information. either internally to your peers or externally to your clients. We will improve, nerves, tone of voice, speed and diction through guidance and feedback. Concentrate on question time and the audience you want to engage.

    9. Change Skills - 1 day

    This workshop identifies and uses a 10 step approach to change, it explores the need for change how to survive it. We dispel the myths around change and identify the resistance and reactions to change. We finish on leaving delegates with a clear plan on how to make change in the future transition smoothly.

    10. Managing Resistance - 1 day

    This workshop combines research with practical tips on how to cope when people around you are negative about change. We will help you recognise the signs early and put steps in place to ensure people remain engaged and focussed on running the business.



    I learnt how my leadership style can impact on others and not just my direct reports


    I learnt to take the time to reflect more to consciously learn; to listen and try to turn the background noise off.

    HR Manager

    I think the objectives were set out clearly and were realised. The structure of the event succeeded in getting attendees to actively participate and feel able to speak openly.

    Specialist Engineer

    There was a good combination of theory, discussion, reflection and exercises in the workshop. This has helped me look beyond and understand people around me – and also myself.