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  • We are experts in the dynamics of organisations and people. We share a passion for helping people gain the benefits from change.

    Our Values

    Minimise Complexity

    Our mission is to minimise complexity in change by using psychology and out extensive change techniques.


    We are thought leaders in what we do. If we don't innovate then we won't ask you to! We combine the popular MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) with Wine Tasting to deepen your influencing and communication skills.

    Share our experience

    Our range of public, in-house workshops delivered internationally, cover a variety of change topics e.g. Feedback and the fear of difficult conversations, Leading change as a journey.

    Adapt to challenging conditions

    Our highly qualified team of coaches combine Business Acumen, Psychological Awareness and Coaching Skill to deliver Executive Coaching internationally.

    Bring a 360 degree perspective

    We deliver team development initiatives that bring tangible benefits to teams, together with increased levels of trust and openness.

    What makes us different?

    - We are experts in diagnosing what teams and individuals need in order to succeed.

    - We can encourage risk and feedback in teams and create an environment for teams to develop.

    - Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of what teams and individuals need in order to succeed

    - We provide an ‘outside’ perspective that you can really trust

    - We are people-centric and we inspire change in others’ by role-modelling risk and feedback.

    Our Story

    The Story of a Chameleon – Founder Deborah Fleming

    Chameleon Works exists to help people gain the benefits from adapting to change. When the science of psychology is added to change management techniques we know so well in organisations, change can happen faster and less painfully.

    Deborah established Chameleon Works in 2006 having personally experienced how self awareness really works to support change on a variety of scales. She has presented on Change Leadership to International audiences, and also designed innovative change programmes which have gained significant results in organisations.In 2005 Deborah bought a ticket to Guatemala, with no plan other than a return ticket 3 months later.

    One day in a hammock on one of her rest days in Columbia, Deborah thought about who she wanted to be and that if she was to sell consultancy services on her own she had to know the 'product' extremely well. The 'product' being the knowledge she had accumulated over 10 years.

    Whilst in her thinking time she was distracted by a small Gecko running across the ceiling, which lost its grip and fell into her lap. Deborah did not believe in fate per se, but the timing of this gave her the inspiration for her new company's name 'Chameleon Works'.

    The name positively branded who Deborah was and what she wanted her company to achieve, as she was forever changing her environment and adapting to whatever happened around her and so this was the turning point of starting her own business.

    Her areas of expertise include Change Management, Team Dynamics/Development, Leadership/Senior team facilitation and culture. She combines the skills to diagnose how to improve performance in organisations with innovative techniques & ideas which fit the culture and people. She has supported Senior Teams through major change and regularly facilitates Team Development programmes.

    Her International work has taken her to Colombia, Poland, Spain, France and Brussels and she has also published papers on the Role of a Coach during Individual Change.

    She presented on “How MBTI can support Organisational Change” at the International MBTI Conference in London and has recently returned from supporting an international Sales University in Kuala Lumpur.

    She has worked both as an internal and external Change Management Consultant in a range of organisations both in public and private sector including Dell, EDS, Merrill Lynch, IBM, OPP Ltd, Thames Water, Chevron, Cisco and SA Telkom.