Innovation & the Wine Industry

So why is an Organisational Development consultant blogging about wine? Let me share a story.

One of our values at Chameleon Works is innovation. Last year I was lucky enough to go on a worldwide wine adventure, experiencing first hand how the wine industry is having to innovate to compete globally. A trait we speak of daily in Organisational life.

For South Africa, I stopped by the Jordan Estate, a winery in the shadow of Table Mountain in Stellenbosch. Here, the husband and wife team of Gary and Kathy Jordan have been making world-class wines since 1993 on a farm with a history going back over 300 years.

The Jordan philosophy combines the vineyards natural assets with innovative management, creating a profound expression of terroir (the natural environment in which a wine is made) its all about the perfect synergy between Soul and Soil.

For me, the wines that encapsulate this most are from their own Chameleon range, a wine we use in our MBTI & Winetasting events.

The Chameleon range came about when Gary and Kathy noticed the prevalence of Cape-Dwarf Chameleons in the indigenous bushes and shrubs around the Jordan cellar. There are so many that the chameleons have become a tourist attraction for visitors; and if you`re lucky enough you may even spot a chameleon crossing!

In 2007 even more soul was added to the wines when The Jordan Chameleon Research Bursary was announced. Proceeds of worldwide sales of the Chameleon range now fund the tuition and research cost of a PhD student working in conservation, ultimately benefiting the learner and the Cape-Dwarf Chameleons.

In African folklore, chameleons are believed to have magical powers, and this inspired the name for our Chameleon Range of wines.”- Gary Jordan

The Personality of Wineis our innovative leadership development event that has been researched since 2007 and is popular with leaders who want to deepen their knowledge of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), network and have fun whilst also learning about wine. This year we`re taking things up a notch by sharing our insights via articles, just like this one.

See our wine tasting notes below and a couple of useful wine facts to share with friends and family if you do find yourself buying a bottle, or six.

Gary Jordan officially announced the details of the Jordan Chameleon Research Bursary at the launch of the maiden vintage of the Jordan Chameleon Rose why not start there!

The wine

Jordan, Chameleon Rose  £11.75

Available from our wine partner

Made from a blend of Merlot and Shiraz grapes, this dry rosè is packed with flavour, tangy redcurrant along side sweet strawberry and a hint of green pepper. It is certainly a food wine and a versatile partner to seafood and Asian dishes. I have found it a refreshing change in the Near Year from heavier winter wines.

Jordan, Prospector Syrah, 2015 £15.75

Available from our wine partner

Made from rich, dark intense fruit flavours, this wine needs food. It has a green and blacks spicy nose. This is one to try to keep in the rack until those summer Braais (or BBQs) become an opportunity to impress your friends and colleagues with your perfect sizzle a compliment.

Facts on Stellenbosch

Fact #1 While there are many wine regions within South Africa, Stellenbosch, has won the most awards per capita than any other region.

Fact #2 The Stellenbosch wine route was founded in 1971, and with over 200 producers to visit in the region today, there is no shortage of fine tasting rooms, art galleries, and restaurants to enjoy on a “vino safari”.

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*The event works well added onto a leadership development event or top talent programme to build knowledge of type and apply Advanced MBTI techniques i.e. how to apply Type to customer selling, communication, creativity and self-awareness.