We help leaders navigate change
and minimise complexity

We live and breathe the science of behavioural change and design interventions, tailored for your culture and strategy, ultimately helping you harness the power of the diversity in your teams.

Speed and change-agility are essential for survival in today’s world. It’s too easy to become busy and lack space to think. We are all striving for productivity whist trying to find new ways to grow and change. How do we do this at the same time? 
At Chameleon Works, we have developed a variety of Interventions that are proven support methods for engaging teams and delivering uninterrupted results for your customers. We partner with leaders and HR to facilitate team away days (sometimes using psychometrics) that creatively align teams behind the strategy and engage them in the vision.
Our experience tells us that there is no one size fits all” when it comes to change and culture plays a huge part. As such, the success of our consultancy services is built upon our ability to listen, understand and innovate. We are expert facilitators and consultants, with specialist skills in behavioural change.
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“Support from Chameleon Works was invaluable in supporting & developing the change team to deliver a major transformation programme for the Council. Providing the structure that enabled people to be clear on their roles and responsibilities helped the team really step up several gears very quickly. As a change leader Chameleon Works both supported & challenged me to be a more effective leader”.

Oxfordshire County Council

“Enlightening and great opportunity to understand more about yourself and your team when dealing with change/growth”.


“Very much enjoyed this – a very good way to approach change, journey & leadership”.

Oxfordshire County Council



Are you initiating or working with a programme of change and need to accelerate performance?

Our consultancy services help to keep the business running through disruptive change. We help leaders and teams learn and grow; to develop the skills and behaviours needed to reach their full potential whilst dealing with change.


Is Change Fatigue slowing your team? Do you see a need to re-align people behind a vision and focus on performance?

Our carefully designed away days provide tangible returns by enabling teams to discover their weak-spots, mitigate against them, build healthy working relationships to navigate change and to innovate.


Why has change failed in your organisation and what will have the biggest positive impact going forward?

We help you to analyse culture and behaviours, applying psychology and psychometrics where necessary to diagnose where to best focus your financial and human resources in change.


Are you forming a new Change Transformation team or in a group that feels dysfunctional or “stuck”?

Groups can be complex, especially Boards/Senior Teams who have a lot at stake when change begins. Fear can manifest itself in tension/conflict or isolation. We provide expert, un-biased group facilitation to unlock unconscious (and sometimes conscious) group dynamics that hold a team back.

Support Leaders to minimise complexity in change
Support Leaders to minimise complexity in change