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Growth and learning are vital for successful change. In today’s world, individuals need flexible learning online and face to face environments that enable continual skills development and opportunities for challenge whilst feeling supported and listened to.

COVID 19 Update:
We are running a number of bespoke online learning events for teams.  Examples are Change Leadership Effectiveness and Becoming a Change Agent.   Please contact us for more information. We enable a leadership mindset change for the leaders of today and tomorrow, by providing the space to think, and the ingredients that help individuals and teams be curious and develop their self awareness.

Our approach makes learning fun and memorable. It is considerate of different learning styles and enables managers and teams to continually learn and collaborate. Below are just some of the bite sized experiential workshops we’ve developed and delivered recently.

Sharing our experience VIRTUALLY


This online workshop explores the leadership styles for change and helps individuals identify how their style can impact those around them. We also concentrate on the 5 principles and responsibilities of being a true leader and investigate how to lead the millennial employee – perhaps the biggest challenge for the future.


This “zoom” 3.5 hour workshop for intact teams helps individuals understand the people within their teams better, it looks at how to build an effective change team and how to build trust between the leader and the team. We prepare your team to handle some difficult situations you my encounter during change.


This programme looks at how to improve your ability to coach others using a structured approach. We will examine motivational feedback techniques, listening & questioning skills and highlight the importance of how great coaching can lead to an engaged individual.


This 3.5 hour online “zoom” workshop looks at how to manage time. It helps you to manage yourself and others delegation and empowerment to improve your personal time management. Touching on dealing with ambiguity we will also look at stress and how to alleviate it through improving your assertiveness when dealing with others.


This online team workshop has two key aspects around motivation, firstly what motivates you as a manager and also what can you do to motivate those that work for you remotely. It also explores self-motivation and helps a positive outlook for the future post COVID 19.


This workshop is designed to improve the process of the performance management of employees either formally through Appraisal or informally by providing timely feedback. We will also provide ways in managing difficult appraisal conversations and how to tell someone they are not performing effectively.  (Currently being adapted online).


This online workshop (in 2 parts) looks at how to improve your communication skills during change. We will explore the need for effective briefings to sustain engagement in the workplace. We will look at the importance of making the most out of meetings and finally determine a realistic approach to improving internal communication across the organisation.  (3.5 hrs x 2 on zoom)


This bespoke online coaching looks at how to improve your style of presenting difficult change information. either internally to your peers or externally to your clients. We will improve, nerves, tone of voice, speed and diction through personal guidance and feedback via zoom.


This 3.5 hr “zoom” workshop for intact teams identifies and uses a 10 step approach to change, it explores the need for change how to survive it. We dispel the myths around change and identify the resistance and reactions to change. We finish on leaving delegates with a clear plan on how to make change in the future transition smoothly.


What happens psychologically when we experience change and why do people resist it? This 2.0 hr “zoom” workshop combines research and practical tips for how to cope when people are negative about change. Learn to spot the signs early and take the right action to ensure people remain engaged and focussed.

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