Our flagship Personality of Wine™ event brings together our passion for psychology and our experience in wine tasting. This innovative event accelerates learning on self awareness (MBTI) and networking - making a perfect addition to pre-dinner sessions at conferences or development programmes.

While running team away days and delivering leadership training for over a decade, we’ve been refining the art of combining learning and entertainment to provide a unique and engaging event. 
It is a refreshingly enjoyable team activity that informs business leaders about the science of the mind at work. Using the innovative platform of a fine wine tasting experience,  leaders and teams discover the traits of their personalities and practice adapting to different styles. It is a way to develop and test new skills with fun exercises and casual, informative presentations.
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“Fantastic idea and execution - thoroughly enjoyed it! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Really fun learning - thanks!”.


What you can expect

All of our MBTI and Wine Tasting sessions combine interactive and informative sessions which are grounded in real life challenges such as better decision making and engagement, adapting to others, improved self awareness and managing stress. 
We bring new and exiting wines for the seasoned pro and give newbies a deep dive into the glass for a tantalising tastebud experience. 
Remarkably, this combined concept isn’t just about fun: the process works brilliantly for helping participants to really see personality type in play mode. You can expect to discover your own insight to how your mind works and how this impacts others and be given permission test out new strategies, in a fail safe and fun environment. 

Our Credentials

We are passionate about people and also wine. Deborah’s long history with wine stems from her 2 years as secretary of the Oxford University Wine Circle. She went on to complete her WSET qualifications at Plumpton college and has since visited over 15 of the worlds wine regions. “In organisations we can learn a lot from the resilience of the wine industry, it’s heritage, ability to change, innovative products and collaborative opportunities”.

Deborah wants us all to broaden our palettes and have fun whilst sharing her extensive knowledge in a way that engages audiences. In 2006 her day job and hobby combined to create the hugely successful “Personality of Wine”, which has since been delivered to hundreds both in the UK and Europe. Her favourite wines are Oregon Pinot Noirs and she has a personal passion for wines from the family vineyard in the Ribatejo in Portugal.

Organising an event? How does this work?

Our customers book MBTI and Wine Tasting events for a variety of reasons, including client networking and entertainment, team building or reward and recognition opportunity, christmas events and tailored sessions for away days and leadership development programmes. 
We can host the session at your premises, at a venue of your choice or help you find the best venue to suit your needs and your budget. 
With years of experience and intuition for anticipating needs, we can tailor our event to seamlessly fit with your agenda, help you with facilitation and planning, or if you need to outsource all or part of your event, we’ve got tried and tested packages ready to go.