We provide time and space
to think differently and adapt to change

Leading teams through change and ambiguity is tough. So is role-modelling new behaviours. We help you do both. We help leaders and change agents who work in challenging conditions to stretch their boundaries, maintain their energy levels and change direction.

As leaders, it is our responsibility to listen deeply and actively, manage expectations, have courageous conversations, deliver the challenging messages and act with discernment particularly when things are overwhelming.

Making the commitment to people through change speeds up the transition and decreases attrition in teams, because people respond well to change when they feel actively listened to and have the time to understand what the change means for them. Our expert leadership coaches provide a balance of support, feedback, challenge and space to absorb the impact.

More and more of our clients are choosing leadership coaching as a key component to support the active learning and development that takes place following our Leadership Away Days. It supports leaders to find their own solutions to opportunities and challenges in their unique corporate context through the use of powerful questions in a confidential reflective space.

We help leaders and change agents working in challenging conditions and ambiguity to use their strengths and uncover what is blocking them. Our highly trained coaches work have three areas of expertise: business acumen, psychological awareness and coaching skill. These enable leaders to role model behaviours and lead culture change in their business, even when the going gets tough.

As well as one-to-one coaching services, we deliver time-saving, fully managed outsourced processes including supervision and access to a wide pool of skilled and qualified coaches.

Adapting to challenging conditions


Are you making a career move or want to make a personal change? Do you have a new leadership role and need to navigate complex change?

We provide executive coaching for increasing resilience and influence, changing mindsets on big issues, fast tracking performance and developing better coping mechanisms for relieving stress and avoiding burnout.

If you want some space to think about your options or change your mindset on a big issue, contact us today to book your first session.


Do you need flexible coaching programmes that deliver at a momentum that gets results? Are your internal resources at full capacity?

Chameleon Works provides trusted, time-saving, fully managed coaching services and access to a talent-pool of coaching with in-depth business, psychological and coaching skills.


Do you need a less directive, coaching style of leadership in your organisation?

In working across your Senior Leaders, coaching senior teams changes culture. Learning role-modelled from the top, cascades a growth mindset across departments.

Our book Creating a Coaching Culture for Managers is available on Amazon.

Helping Leaders to become more "Fearless" and adapt to change through individual Coaching