We help teams build their courage,
confidence and capability during change

High trust and adaptability in teams bring a competitive advantage. Our expert facilitators engage with teams at all stages of change to help them reflect, become more self aware and able to handle conflict and tension during change.

Reflective teams become resilient teams. We provide team performance interventions to help teams dominate in their chosen fields whilst also maximising their real diversity of personality.

​​We understand that teams are dynamic and need to continually adapt and change in order to remain productive and cope with complexity in the workplace. They need specific capabilities in order to implement a vision and achieve their mission whilst adapting to constant external change and economic challenges.

We work with teams to develop trust and openness and enable conversations that wouldn’t usually happen. This has a direct impact on performance and gets teams and organisations to where they need to go far, far quicker.

​​Whether you are a leader or manager, building a team from scratch or taking on an established team, we can diagnose team needs during different stages of the change cycle. Along with our expertise in retaining talent and engagement, we can minimise the bias that arises when using your internal resources during change.

Bringing a 360 perspective to your team


What behaviours, will support your teams’ vision?

Teams can boost their performance when they are aligned behind a vision and understand what is expected of them. We help teams to build a foundation of trust through working together. Taking time out to refocus, learn from challenges and understand how to work with differences, saves time with improved communication . Forming a great team requires us to know ourselves, each other, our boundaries and commitment. Using a powerful combination of psychology, facilitation and visual thinking, teams co-create vision, charters and quick wins.


Do you want your team to practice being a team and reflect on their learning?

Leaders need the space and opportunity to practice new skills and behaviours, problem solving and reflection in a safe environment. Individuals learn how they can impact each other negatively and positively. and how to work with their differences. This accelerates their formation as a team and increases trust, so back in the real world they can more confidently push out of their comfort zone and become more resilient.


Where do you need to put your valuable time and resources in your team?

We work in partnership with change leaders, HR managers and staff to bring insight and empower teams to continually adapt and learn, to be resilient and productive, especially when the going gets tough. Through careful intervention design and data gathering through confidential interviews, psychometric research and culture analysis, we speed up implementation and fuel engagement.

Developing teams through change and bringing a new perspective
Developing teams through change and bringing a new perspective
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