Chameleon Works exists to help people
gain the benefits from adapting to change

We’ve been combining the science of psychology and change management since founded in 2006 by Deborah Fleming. “We act as a change catalyst – helping it happen faster and less painfully, keeping people at the heart of what we do”.

The foundation of our approach is the development of self awareness and trust. These simple to understand (but challenging to implement) facets of leadership and team development enable breakthroughs at all levels. To achieve this requires expert facilitation and an understanding of how people tick, which – we are proud to disclose – we have in abundance.

Founder: Deborah Fleming

Having built her expertise in Organisational Development (OD) and Change at Xansa and at OPP (now called The Myers Briggs Company), Deborah empowers people to ignite and lead change in their organisations through increasing their self awareness and resilience. Her MSc in OD dissertation shared the science and art of being a participant and consultant of a merger, an area she has since specialised in.

Deborah has an acute analytical ability for diagnosing performance “blind-spots”and finding strengths quickly. She develops interventions and experiences that positively disrupt and motivate teams to push beyond their comfort zones. Her superb intuition with groups makes her a  dynamic facilitator and an invaluable ally of HR and leaders in responding effectively when conflict or opportunities for growth present themselves.

A trusted partner for senior teams moving through change, Deborah regularly travels to facilitate development programmes internationally and speak on the role of psychology and change in business.

A pioneer in bringing together, creativity in wine tasting and the science of psychology, Deborah has transformed the way leadership away days work, for teams who want to have fun whilst gaining insight about themselves and each other. “We focus on the work in between the Away Days not just the actual time the team are together”.

Our Values

We understand the importance of articulating and living by shared values and a vision that supports healthy dynamics in all organisations. Our integrity, and what sets us apart from others, is how we ourselves practice and role model what we know, not preach it.

We provide an outside perspective you can really trust and use scientific, objective analytical tools to identify the critical needs and development opportunities.

“We create learning partnerships with clients not just because we are in the learning industry, but because we want to learn too!”

LEAD through complexity

Our mission is to minimise complexity in change. We enable leaders to align teams and increase productivity through generating clarity and awareness. We listen deeply, provide feedback and develop interventions that bring about better understanding and communications between leaders and their teams. At every stage of the work, our role is to objectively facilitate, feedback honestly and provide the conditions for generating high quality thinking and decision making.

BRING a 360º perspective

We believe in the strength of diversity and collaboration. Our approach is to surface and work with the strengths and weaknesses of all team members and the holistic system the people are in. For example, in coaching, the person, their team, their environment and organisation are all part of our approach. We do this by generating trust and openness, enabling a different conversation and a way to work with risk and feedback that propels groups to a new level – where both the individuals and the whole organisation can thrive.

ADAPT to challenging conditions

We know that given the right emotional safety, people can take risks and fulfil their potential. We also appreciate through personal experience the challenge of working with change. Our coaches are trained to be consistently and reliably able to support, provoke and role-model excellent leadership behaviours. As well as expertise in business acumen, psychological awareness and coaching, we hold the courage, honestly, objectivity, openness and risk in our work that helps push boundaries and go further.

SHARE our experience

We are lifelong learners. We recognise our responsibility to support the creation and maintenance of learning cultures in organisations through people and share our insight. When we are asked to provide training, we don’t simply present content. We understand that learning needs to be engaging, interactive, flexible and fun in order to stick. Our group facilitation skills come out to play here and we enjoy designing experiential exercises that bring about insight and skills development. We love learning from our clients too!


We use Psychometrics because they bring clarity and objectivity to what can sometimes be messy, complex situations brought about by people and personalities. We ourselves use these tools to flex and work with different groups and call upon our wealth of experience in working with many different team dynamics. We have developed unique events, interventions and exercises to make these tools accessible, inclusive and highly interactive, and are constantly innovating to adapt to new teams.