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Cinven is an international private equity firm, based in London. A vibrant group of Personal and Executive Assistants gathered for an Away Day to further develop their self-awareness and build cohesion using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). As a group they recognise their impact on the business and wanted to further develop their collective ability to respond and communicate with diverse personalities and leadership styles. 


The day was carefully designed and facilitated – using both informative and experiential self-awareness sessions – as an immersion into the world of Personality Type.  The group explored the psychological preferences that inform how we perceive the world around us and how we interact with it, through theory and discussion brought alive by stories, anecdotes, fun exercises and revealing contemplations.


Getting in touch with one’s own underlying personality enables us to navigate more smoothly and work with others in a more emotionally intelligent way. Becoming more conscious of the personality preferences helps us to identify how others process information, communicate or make decisions. It is then more possible to adapt our behaviour or communication accordingly authentically, without needing to change the core of who we are.


“We already enjoy a collaborative and harmonious culture, however we saw an opportunity to learn and go deeper. As a group, we are incredibly capable and we naturally look outward, ready to serve, responding to requests, anticipating needs and problem-solving for the business. Making space to reflect constructively on what we can do to better understand each other and learning how to tap into our diversity and strengths is so important for our continued growth.”

Work Completed:

The group Away Day using MBTI gave the group an understanding of personality type and a greater awareness of how to overcome difficulties when differences arise. The aim was to build on the cohesion of the team. The experience brought clarity of strengths and weaknesses and deepened knowledge and trust of each other as members of the PA team. With continued self-awareness and the practice of flexing to different styles, the day continues to work as the group becomes more responsive and maximises the strength of its diversity. 

“I better understand my colleagues now and I can adapt the way I approach working situations.
Absolutely Super!”

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