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FLSmidth has been a leading supplier of equipment, services and expertise for the cement and minerals industries for more than 130 years. Due to the highly technical nature of their work FLSmidth sees working cross-functionally as a major route to success for employees in the organisation. ‘Specialists’ are located in six countries across the globe and so to do this effectively, soft skills, influencing, effective communication skills and self awareness is a vital capability. 


Chameleon Works designed an experiential workshop which could be delivered across different cultures. The “Cross Functional Training for Specialists” is a bespoke four day workshop which gives opportunity for Specialists to develop their influencing skills and self-awareness. Using the MBTI and PPI tools, each workshop supported the impact of change across the organisation by giving new skills to their Specialists.


340 Specialists’ (who were members of Cross-functional teams) attended the workshops and benefitted from “Softer” influencing skills which, in turn, carved a critical mass of new influencing opportunities for the organisation.
​​Specialists who were interacting with Customers and stakeholders gained a broader influencing style and this increased the speed and effectiveness of communication to their internal and external customers.

Work Completed:

FLSmidth approached Chameleon Works to support Cross Functional programme as our Facilitators are experts in delivering learning in different cultures and in the MBTI and PPI tools.
​​Historically, their Specialists develop themselves through research and professional charterships. Specialists also operate within teams, stakeholder and customer environments. In order to operate effectively within this context, there was a range of non-technical skills which needed to be developed. (As the depth of the specialism increases, so does the need to develop cross-functional skills).
​​Specialists in the organization included Project Managers, Engineers, Sales, Procurement, Finance and IT people.
​​The organisation needed to maximise their capability to:

  • build new networks across the post merged organisation 
  • make decisions and influence stakeholders more confidently 
  • grow visibility and career aspirations 
  • create innovative ways to compete

​​The benefits of the experiential workshop were:

  1. Broader networks across the organisation on which new customers are shared 
  2. Their confidence increased in their own ability to make decisions and influence stakeholders 
  3. Their visibility grew and their career aspirations increased 
  4. They created more innovative ways to compete

​​This enabled them to work closer with their peers across the world.
​​FLSmidth outsourced the Administration and Delivery of this programme to Chameleon Works and the evaluation forms gave an average feedback score of 5.32/6.0.

Feedback from the Specialists who attended

“I found the value of MBTI & PPI to be very high” – Salt Lake City

​​“This is the best training I have attended on my Specialist Journey” – Chennai

​​“I put the content into practice right after the programme” – Copenhagen

​​“I wish I had received this learning many years ago. I have needed these communication skills for years” – Brisbane

“Knowledge of how we influence can speed up change and also develop deeper customer relationships”

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