We provide time and space
to think differently and adapt to change


IBM wanted a flexible and adaptable coaching programme that could be built around the busy lives of Partners working on customer sites all around the UK – but its’ internal resources could not cope with the demand.


To put in place an outsourced leadership coaching process which gave IBM access to highly trained qualified coaches who had in-depth Business, psychological and Coaching skills.


A time-saving, fully managed service including supervision and access to a wide pool of coaches to enable “matching”.

Work Completed:

​​IBM approached Chameleon Works to support its’ Partners and Exec Leaders to become more “Fearless” in their style and to learn, grow and develop through change.
​​The company had a high performance culture which meant that targets and timescales where a part of daily life as a leader and space to think was a precious option at an “Away Day”.
​​The organisation put in place a coaching programme which was resourced, managed and evaluated in partnership with Chameleon Works.
​​Taking time out to understand the organisation and its’ direction for strategic HR is crucial to enable the right coaches to be assigned to the organization.
​​All our coaches have three key competencies:

  1. Business Acumen – the ability to understand the essence of the organisation and leading teams through change 
  1. Psychological Awareness – deep understanding of a range of psychological approaches including psychodynamics, gestalt and cognitive approaches 
  1. Coaching Skills – qualifies to Advanced Executive coaching or above (2 years experience on top of this).

Feedback from the Coachees' Managers

“I definitely see him coping, head above water, getting results and keeping the client happy and stretching himself with his client relationships and it is definitely paying dividends”.
​​“Since Chameleon Works supported the coaching, I see her more speaking out in meetings to speed things up/get closure and make difficult points. I don’t feel like she did that in the past”.
​​“I see him taking more responsibility for being the leader he wants to be, e.g. not worrying about being seen as “reasonable” – at the expense of being inspirational i.e. becoming more of a role model”.

Feedback from Coachees

“This coaching was exceptionally valuable to me to take some time to talk through the challenges/objectives relevant to my career. This has happened in parallel with me taking the global leadership role where I had to establish myself with the client and team. In short, this took the Fearless Leadership agenda and molded it to my personal needs and status”.
​​“The coaching sessions have helped me to reflect on my leadership style and to look at how this needs to be modified and improved to establish a greater leverage from my skills, and to have a greater influence”.

“Partnering with a trusted external coaching organization gives a breadth of experience to an organisation, delivers the depth required at a momentum that gets results”

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