We give you the scientific insight
to innovate, adapt and maximise diversity

A foundation for every successful leader is self awareness. Psychometrics help leaders and teams to discover, and work with, their interpersonal skills and personality type which strongly influence how we think, behave, maintain our energy, make decisions and manage the stress of change.



Did you know, how you describe wine is informed by your Personality Type?

MBTI & Wine Tasting sessions provide a fun and interactive way for teams to learn and network. Delivered as a stand-alone half-day team building event or run in conjunction with leadership programmes already planned.

Enjoy this unique experience before dinner or late afternoon as an excellent way to network and get to know your colleagues better.

We run introductions to MBTI and advanced MBTI wine tasting sessions for groups of all sizes. We can help you plan your team event, provide feedback on personality types and tailor the session to suit your programme. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for.

MBTI & Wine tasting


How can you use your strengths and get more influence at work?

Discover practical insights about your personality and how it impacts your performance at work. What are the blind-spots that may be weakening your performance? We provide online assessment and face to face feedbacks to give you guidance on how to flex your skills and adapt with change.


How do I get even more performance from my team?

For leaders wishing to form new or high performing teams, we apply existing knowledge of Personality Type to diagnose (and address) areas of vulnerability in teams. This advanced insight gives teams everything they need to lead, and cope with, change. Making use of MBTI psychometrics, we assess members of the team and provide insight into similarities or divergence which may provide conflict (before it arises) and also provide support.


Do you lack time and resource to design and facilitate your Away Days?

Away days allow teams to carve out the necessary time to reflect on priorities, strengths and challenges. Our expert facilitators enable team collaboration, trust and commitment, bringing in psychometrics when necessary as a means to understand behaviours, manage conflict and leverage diversity.

Applying Personality Type to how we communicate and sell ideas using the innovative platform of a wine tasting