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​​Matalan compete in the highly challenging value retail market. Their Strategy Board meet quarterly to focus on key business priorities and develop their leadership communication. They have new members and many of them have used Psychometrics like MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) at different stages of their careers to build their self-awareness.


When Chameleon Works was asked to support the Leadership Team Away Days we added a pre-dinner learning session called “The Personality of Wine” to allow the delegates to learn, network and deepen their knowledge of MBTI through a fun and innovative platform of wine tasting. 


Run by experts in Personality (MBTI) and Wine, the interactive session gives a fun learning event which deepens knowledge about leadership communication and how senior teams can tap into their creativity.

Work Completed:

Such a high profile commitment from within Matalan requires high quality learning. Members of the Board had been using the MBTI successfully as part of their development for a number of years but had yet to find a way of making it “stick” for people.
​​Like many tools the individuals attending the Away Day got a lot from MBTI but Matalan wanted opportunity to really make the learning memorable and also fun.
​​The sessions typically ran at the end of the Board Meeting or Away Day between 1800 – 2000 prior to dinner. The wine tasting exercises were tailored to explore more advanced MBTI techniques like how to sell ideas and communicate.
​​There were competitions and highly interactive activities. Timings for events are flexible and the exercises were adapted to Matalan’s venue and audience.


“One of the most enjoyable exercises I have done, very original concept”
​​“A great way to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It really made me think“
​​“Really liked originality of the idea – the wine selling experience opened my eyes to ‘preferences’ people have on processing information”
​​“Excellent session, helping to keep my understanding of MBTI & Type in a fun and memorable way”

“This innovative event helps to make our investment in MBTI worthwhile and makes the learning stick”

We can bring the science of Psychometrics to life