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  • Chameleon Works provides consultancy, change management and learning interventions to support individuals, teams and organisations at any stage of the change process.

    Leaders of Change.

    Organisations need to reinvent and develop at a fast pace to compete. We are experts in Organisational Development and Change Management. We help Executive Boards and Senior teams to adapt. We minimise the complexity.

    Teams implementing Change

    Teams that adapt quickly to change have competitive advantage and feel more engaged. We diagnose where teams need help. We speed up the journey to performance. We ensure teams can adapt.

    Individuals Adapting to Change

    Leaders and Managers need tailored support to develop, grow and adapt under the pressure of organisational change. We coach them to lead change and understand their own strengths in the process. We share our experience.

    Minimise Complexity


    Share our experience

    Adapt to challenging conditions

    Bring a 360 degree perspective

    Change Management

    Organisations are reinventing and developing at a fast pace. In the current climate, speed and flexibility are essential for survival. That means continual change and evolution. Organisations that don`t develop often become complacent, stuck or underachieve and block success.

    MBTI & Wine Tasting Event

    Our innovative leadership development event has been researched since 2007 and is popular with leaders who want to deepen their knowledge of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), network and have fun whilst also learning about wine.


    Chameleon Works has developed a series of workshops and seminars to compliment our consultancy services and help teams and individuals develop, learn and reflect. Workshops are designed with experts and presented in a memorable way to ensure that learning is fun.


    Individuals can respond well to organisational change if they feel listened to and if they have time to understand what the change means for them. Coaching plays a vital role in giving an individual a balance of support, feedback, challenge and space to absorb the impact!

    Team Development

    Teams exist in Organisations to enable strategy to be implemented in a way that individuals would take longer to do! Teams are dynamic and need to continually adapt and change in order to remain productive and cope with complexity in the workplace. Teams that don`t develop can become complacent, stuck and block organisational success. They need specific capabilities in order to implement a vision, and support in adapting to the economic challenges.

    Chemeleon Works Testimonials

    Transformation and Strategy Director

    The balance of Challenge vs. Support was really important in the difficult first six months of our change programme. We valued having Chameleon Works consultants to engage our teams quicker than we would have done ourselves.

    Change Manager

    Having expert Facilitation from Chameleon Works consultants has managed the some of the bias that these type of complex change programmes brings.

    Managing Director

    Chameleon Works designed and delivered our Away Days over the past year has not only saved me time, it have proved a valuable way to engage my key team members over a difficult 18 month period.

    HR and OD Director

    Thanks for helping us navigate all this complexity.

    Chemeleon Works Testimonials