Online Team Retreats – Giving teams time instead of taking it!

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…..and I feel fine”.  M.Stipe.

My clients, in our Online Team Retreats, say that thing’s are, and will continue to be, different for a while to come.  In the REM song, Michael Stipe recommends “it’s time I had some time alone” and he’s right.  We aren’t getting enough time or space to reflect on all the implications of the past year.

Goodbye to endings…….

Like many people right now I am coping with multiple endings (some are even overlapping!).  Many of these endings I cannot influence or control. My sense of being part of Europe is ending, the freedom and spontaneity of seeing family and friends when I like has ended,  and I am ending my normal working patterns.  I am done with endings! They tire me out.  They make me feel so alone.

“So you’re not alone – take comfort in your friends”.  M.Stipe.

I am not alone, feeling alone.  The teams I work with are telling me how tiring this year  has been.  How remote they also feel.
In facing into some of these “unknown / un-controllables”,  we are however in control of how we react to them and how we store our energy to cope with them all.   Teams are no different, but may need help to face the New Year together.  To do the new beginnings we need to reflect on the endings first.

As we approach the end of 2020, we are running Online Team Retreats with our client teams, who have experienced huge increases in workloads whilst leading “endings” (e.g. restructures, redundancies, relocations),  to give them valuable space to reflect through our “team coaching retreats”.

We gain results in our 3-hour interactive online sessions by tailoring the design to your team and your business needs.  The workshops help teams to end 2020 constructively and sensitively as a community:

  1. Celebrate some endings.  Teams need to be appreciated and recognised.
  2. Process some endings.  Teams can have the option to process “stuff” and leave “stuff” in 2020 that deserves to be left there.

We create  facilitated “zoom” meetings with a difference.  Ones that give you time instead of wasting your time; one that reconnects teams with their purpose and resilience; one that results in 2021 new beginnings.  One’s that happen with energy and optimism instead of disconnection and lethargy.  Download our team zoom tips here.

Endings are new beginnings waiting to happen….

The investment in some reflective time together as a team, now, will build resilience for the longer term, sorting the “baggage” from the “luggage” ready to start 2021.

Let’s face it, learning can happen in the most unexpected places…..even a lockdown.
Collective time to discuss the “endings” of 2020 can increase productivity and staff retention, reduce the cost of absenteeism from burn out and also support mental health.

“Feeling fine…..takes time”.

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Photo by Mantas Hesthaven and Edwin Hooper on Unsplash