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Asahi operates in the highly competitive brewing industry. The Global Brands team wanted a bespoke design and fully outsourced solution to an important 2-day Leadership Away Day.

They needed to initiate their new journey together, bring new members on board and design their Team Charter.


We gathered data from their Sponsor and Senior Leaders to define clear objectives and understand their expectations and strategic direction. The design of the two days included inspirational presentations from Sponsors, experiential team challenges, reflection, feedback and the collaborative shaping of a Team Charter.


Their “time out” at the Leadership Away Day delivered a Team Charter, a list of “Quick Wins”, alignment behind the new vision and foundation of trust on which to embark on their tough few months ahead. New team members gave feedback that they felt a strong sense of belonging following the away day and the ability to “practice” a team challenge and learn experientially together in a “safe” environment was a powerful way to confront some of the changes that they are facing.

Work Completed:

Asahi approached Chameleon Works to support its’ Global Brands Team to develop their “Challenger Mind-set” and embrace the wealth of experience the team had. Deborah Fleming said: “A team responsible for innovation needed an adventurous design, so we ditched the handouts and Power Point slides in favour of “beer mats” and experiential learning.

The group used visual thinking techniques to co-design the key elements of the charter and produce a visual output with impact. Graphic Facilitator Sophie Smiles said: “working in this way really helps to get clear on what people really mean and everyone shares some ownership in what has been created.” Their clear vision and leadership behaviours were already defined, however they wanted to test the alignment behind this and “practice” the leadership behaviours in a “safe” environment. Individuals learned how they can impact each other negatively (and positively) and how to work with their differences.

This has accelerated their formation as a team and trust is now higher, which will enable them to bravely test their boundaries over the next six months. Following the Leadership Away Days, members paired up to coach each other back in the workplace to support their actions and learning commitments.


“I am not usually keen on Away Days, but I found this one to be different from anything I have done before. I actually wanted to get involved in the activities and felt unpressured and safe to do so”.
​​“Great preparation – it was clearly a well-considered, tailored approach for us, that took into consideration many different styles”.

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